….Bebebedibe doooo

 FUCK ME! GAAH, I can’t get it right! But I…I…can’t stop listening to it…

Figured I may as well put up something for the few hopeless bastards who click my name on the ELR comments which I often comment on. Rather then seeing the year old posts.

 There’s no profanity, nor is there actual words, it’s from Fallout. There isn’t much to warn you of, but I warn you none the less! Watch this, and forfeit your life. Found it last monday, listened to it at least 10 times a day since.


Dagagado dis day yah do!


I’ll Miss You

December 6, 2006

Samira Mikeal. Died 2006 December 04 9:30 A.M.- 11:20 A.M.

I love you Grandma

Rap, why is it that it get’s such a bad reputation amongst so many people? I personally love Rap music. And yes it is a form of music. Now let me get across that I am not defending the stuff that is on the radio today. The “Lean back in my white tee while I shine my grill with my lovely lady lumps” bullshit that is on today makes me want to punch someone. I’m talking about the oldschool rap. Eminem when he first came out, Dr. Dre when he first came out, The Wu-Tang Clan, Easy E, Too $hort just to name a few. These are the rappers who really made songs you could bob your head to. They made songs you could enjoy and laugh at. And at the same time they made songs that were down to earth, songs with messages, and songs that made you sad. All of these combined make great music.

I don’t only listen to rap, personally I like all kinds of music aside from Death Metal (Then again I haven’t listened to much). It infuriates me when people dismiss rap immediatly just because they think another form of music is better. Even the songs out today, consider this. All music that makes it to the radio has to be good to a certain number of people. Unless the DJ is an idiot playing some garage band you know that the music is somewhat “tested” by everyone who enjoys it. Take the time and listen to it, you’ll see why it made it to the radio, even if you don’t like it.

If you took the time and took things into consideration you could like all music, even rap. Then in that perfect world I wouldn’t have to listen to all of you talk about how much it sucks. Let me bring up the arguments many people have against rap, and try to counter them. If you have any more, please tell me.

“They aren’t even singing.” Who is to say what singing is exactly then? I could take rock music and say it is just a bunch of yelling mixed with the sound of the guitar. I could take all forms of metal and say it’s just people talking in deep low voices quickly. It’s a matter of taste. I believe those that can ryhme so well and so fast are singing. Have you ever tried rapping? Take a good rap song and record yourself singing along to it, you’ll sound like a fool, because you don’t have the singing talent to keep up. Rappers are singing.

“It’s all about I f’d your mom this and I f’d your mom that.” Oh yeah, that’s one hundred percent true! And country music is all about beating wifes, and rock music is all about hitting a high note and then screaming about your emotions. And death metal is all about who can cut one’s self faster then the other! This is a stereotype stupid! I dare you to prove that right. I dare you to take all rap and show me it’s all about sex. You’re ignorant because you choose to be ignorant of it. By not even listening to it. As soon as the music shows up you change the station. If you have any way of aquiring it go download the song “Tearz” by the Wu-Tang Clan. The song has a balance of the stereo type and what rap really is. Pay attention to the lyrics, it’s a great song.

I’m letting off a little steam on this entire topic. If you have anything else against rap, please comment. If I get enough i’ll make a part two responding to all the criticsm.

 (First off i’m going to stop doing the whole song title thing, it’s hard to think of them)

 Next generation console systems have been on everyone’s mind for the past couple of months now haven’t they? And who has lost it’s reputation, luster, and sheen with the majority of nerds on the internet? Sony, that’s who.

Now i’m not saying that Sony is done for. If you go outside, you know, into the sunlight. You’ll find people who hardly game but still support Sony. The thing is, Sony’s six-hundred dollar price tag isn’t really helping them or their fans.

Now to what this post is about, I have to admit I was wrong. Sony has gone and fucked up. I realized it when I was listening to a certain Extralife Radio (extraliferadio.com), specifically episode 59, I grew frustrated with Sony and the entire DRM and Rootkit business.

Up until now this is what I had believed in. Sony’s PS3 will not suck. It will just take a year or so for them to work out minor bugs and start the good games rolling out. Does anyone remember when the Xbox 360 came out? Okay, good. Now do you remember the palpable flames of hatred that you could feel coming from 98% of the internet!? No system launch aside from a Nintendo one ever works well. Sony knows what it’s doing and in a year the PS3 will be as sweet as the Xbox 360 is now.

What changed in that paragraph? “Sony knows what it’s doing…” Sony’s company is a cocky son of a bitch. I swear if they got rid of the unnecisarry marketing group, and the CEO’s and president’s the PS3 would have never looked bad. These are the people that go out there and say stupid things. These are the people that decide that the RIAA is a good thing. Good god no it’s not, if I am ever forced to pirate a game I bought i’m writing hateful letters to the company and demanding something in return. Because that’ll work. Next time a game dosen’t work for you contact the company you are frustrated with, you may get something in return. To be off topic the same works (not with video game companies) when you send them nice mail. Send it to a Lays company, you might get a few bags of Lays in the mail later.

Anyway! Not to leave this post entirely one sided, let me talk about the Nintendo Wii. First off, I don’t hate the controller, I just believe it is underwhelming. I have yet to use it, but it really seems gimmicky. And I absolutely hate gimmicks. I use a freaking mouse and keyboard for half of my games, I don’t feel as if controllers need to be revolutionized as many do. Many believe that it is fresh and intuitive, which it is! But many make it out as neccisary because the game industry has become so convoluted with the same old, same old. Which it has, but not with controllers for crap’s sake!

On another note, here are my thoughts on how the Wii is going to turn out. It may likely exceed selling 4 Million copies. And Nintendo is probably going to be extremelly rich. I’m not talking about profit here, I want to talk about entertainment value. People are already bringing up the fact that the games feel like party games. I believe the Nintendo Wii is going to become Twister. You bring it out when you have 1 or more person come over and have a blast. Then when they leave it collects dust. Many have the counter argument that there are video games like The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess that’ll be played by the more hardcore crowd.

Yes it shall, and so will Mario, and so will Metroid. But that’s it. That’s what has always bugged the hell out of me with Nintendo products. You have games you play when your friends come over, but when they aren’t you play Zelda/Mario/Metroid. And then when you beat those you wait for the next Zelda/Mario/Metroid game to come out! Those games are excellent, I know. But I want a system that has more then just the same game coming out again and again. That’s why the PS2 did so well even after the Xbox and Gamecube came out. Because it had Rachet & Clank, God of War, Okami. All these varied titles. Xbox was a Sports Center, and Gamecube was a Suck Center. The only thing that saved it was Mario/Zelda/Metroid, which wasn’t enough for me. But then Resident Evil 4 came out for it. Which was a smooth move on them I can admit.

I’m rambling, but it’s my blog so I guess I can do that. Let me get the final point across. The Nintendo Wii underwhelms me and the Sony PS3 underwhelms me. Currently the only console out there worth it is the Xbox 360. But you know what? In a year my mind will have changed, that’s how the game industry works. We all know that’s how it works, yet we still all act like fools each time it happens.

That these thoughts contain

November 25, 2006

Gears of War, a phenominal game that for many, exceeded the hype. This game is, in my opinion, the pinnical of shooters out there. The unique pop and stop gameplay not only makes this game great, but makes multiplayer the best i’ve ever played.

Have any of you ever played Halo 2 online? What about any Battlefield games? Counterstrike Source at all? If so, you more then likely know that those games have their veterans and their elitist players, no? If you are relatively new to these games, played through heroic or something or other. You go online and bam you’re dead. Respawned, bam, you’re dead! Dead again, sword to the face. Oh my god you killed him once. Then you hear “Oh you’ll pay for that” and you are reamed so hard that you never want to play again. *Cough* Shaymus *Cough*

At least that’s how I, the master of exaggeration, view it. Playing Gears of War up to Act 3 on casual, then going Co-Op through insane really blew me away. My stupid disk won’t let me play Act 4, but I know that most of us will probably want to go online and play multiplay at one point. The main campaign is good enough training for online. If you’ve played a shooter before it’ll only be minutes before you get it. But if you’re new at it you should have no problem killing people after the first hour.

While I praise the game highly for having the ability to take one such as me, who typically isn’t too good at a shooter, and turn him into a killing machine. The game can not cause miracles. While an hour seems a steep learning curve, it’s really only if you’re stupid. The game requires teamwork and taking cover. For those who enjoy running and gunning in Halo while not sticking together with a single person, don’t even bother playing this game. Four very skilled solo players pitted against four average players that work together, the average players are always going to win. When I get into maps later on you’ll see why teamwork plays such an important role.

By teamwork I mean things as simple as “There’s two of them over by the boomer.”

And in response you acknowledge it in any verbal way. That is if you have a mic. Then proceed to aid your buddy out.

I hope that i’ve made it clear that Gears of War is a great game to play online. I wonder what is going to make anyone read this blog. I figure I can post all I know about playing Gears of War online, because while the game hasn’t been out for too long, I have played it online for too long. I hope that those of you reading this find this either interesting, or informative. I’ll start with…



Ah the lancer. Also known as the gun with the frikkin’ chainsaw on it. You start out every online match with this gun in tow. There’s not much to say about it. It’s a machine gun, you use it to shoot people. But I can give a bit of advice on how to use it. If for some god forsaken reason your enemy is leaning out over the side with any weapon other than a Boomer or a Sniper Rifle, take advantage of this and shoot them. If they have a lancer as well and shoot back, they’ll die first since you’ll get the first shot off. Again, do not do this if they have a Boomer (Rocket Launcher) or a Sniper Rifle. Also if the enemy is close enough and they are holding a shotgun.

The Chainsaw Bayonet is perhaps the most gratifying weapon aside from the grenade in Gears of War. However only use it when you have the jump on an enemy. If the enemy is rounding a corner that you are standing behind then chainsaw them. If the enemy is shooting at a teammate and you have the oppurtunity to chainsaw them, do it. The chainsaw is more of an opportunity weapon. There are plenty of times when you may think oppurtunity shows itself, but you shouldn’t attempt to slice n’ dice. Such as when someone has a shotgun. If you come running at them with a chainsaw 3 out of 5 times you’ll get blown away, or at least shot at. The chainsaw is again, more of an ambush weapon. It’s very situational, you should be careful with it.

But god is it fun.


Personally, i’ll hardly ever use the shotgun. But when someone has a lancer out in close quarters combat the shotgun will more then likely prevail. The only thing i’ll have to say about this weapon is that aiming isn’t always neccisary. As blindfiring upclose with any other weapon will still hit, because the person is in the way. Blindfiring with a shotgun up close has a chance of blowing the target to hell.


The pistol given to you at the start of the round is admitedly without much use. However the magnum is a fun little tool that not too many people use. I believe it is an excellent blindfire weapon. Because not only does it shoot one shot, which after the first shot helps you gain better accuracy, but three shots from the magnum brings someone down. It’s also fun to blow up someone with the magnum as well.


The smoke grenade is useful for obvious things such as advancing. As it’s brethren the frag can be stuck to others, so can the smoke. This is mostly for entertainment, but if need be, it can be used as a big “Hey i’m right over here, shoot the smoke coming out of my buttox.”

The frag grenade, my personal favorite weapon, is great for traditional uses. A piece of advice, you should seldom ever aim and throw the grenade. In doing so you’re giving your enemy plenty of time to shoot the living crap out of you. Blindfiring the grenade out of cover is a great way to either kill an unsuspecting enemy, or make him move out of his precious cover. Take advantage of doing so and kill him.

The best thing to do, because it is the funniest thing to do, is to melee with the grenade. This is especially perfect for when someone runs at you with their chainsaw revving. It knocks the rev down and kills them.

For those of you who do not know, the grenade is like a flail. When meleeing, you basically stick the flail into the other person’s body. Then you have around a second to move. You’ll here a brief “Tick tick tick” then will come the explosion. Get the hell out of the blast radius. A player who knows what’s coming will move out of his teammates way and into yours to try to take you with him. An inexperienced player will jump back into his teammates as to get away from you, taking his team mates with him. Which is hilarious.

Boomer, Sniper Rifle, Locust Machine Gun, Hammer of Dawn

There’s nothing too special about this weapons worth mentioning. Just shoot to kill.

Next Post

I’m going to be going over all of the maps. From Gridlock to War Machine.

When I Was Young!

November 24, 2006

I’ll act like Shaymus22 is not the only one who is reading this blog…

Shaymus22 has just told me that I can not use a sidebar with this current theme. Which means I have wasted a few hours of my life attempting to. Perhaps my gamertag dosen’t matter that much but I can at least post it here.

P.S. For the love of… That Wrestling image is my little brothers fault. I am not a complete idiot.

My brother however…

It’s 3:45 in the morning and I am writing my second blog post. So far I am not impressed with this whole “Blogging” thing.

Mainly due to my extreme levels of infuriation due to my inability to add my gamertag to my sidebar. It’d be easier to cut down a large tree with a harring!

On a totally unrelated note, I just recently saw for the first time “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Pretty funny.

On another unrelated note, I think i’m going to try to keep topics of blog posts parts of songs that I listen to. Might be a tad difficult, but it’d be cool. To keep with the title of the blog itself. (Here we go, life is a thrill if you know what you’re doing.)


November 24, 2006

I killed you! Mwahaha!